The Winter Blahs

winter-bluesThis is a bit of a more personal post, and vastly different from the material I usually write about but I felt like sharing as I’m sure many people are feeling the same, and it is important to discuss issues of mental health, no matter how awkward or embarrassing it may seem.

I’m pretty much suffering from the “Winter Blahs.”

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“Back Future” – A Toronto Star Article

I hope everyone takes a minute to read this article.
It is a very important step for the chiropractic profession as it moves forward.
St. Michael’s Hospital is definitely paving the way for the profession! As a chiropractic intern I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in an interprofessional program and saw the early beginnings of this clinic. I am so glad that it has been so successful to date.

Some notable quotes from this article:

“People with back problems and back pain feel they need an MRI or expensive imaging, he says, “but in most cases that doesn’t tell us what’s wrong.”

“Many patients referred to the clinic do not need surgery,” says Erwin. “They’re referred there by someone who is not up to speed on who needs surgery and who doesn’t. And it’s a big waste of the neurosurgeon’s time to see patients with mechanical back pain.”

“There’s been some bad publicity about chiropractic, particularly around neck adjustments and a slight risk of stroke that happened in isolated cases. But the benefits far outweigh the risks. Absolutely I recommend chiropractic to other people. It’s actually a shame that more people don’t use it, especially in conjunction with massage therapy.”

Happy First Day of Summer!

Here in Toronto, it is the PERFECT first day of summer. A gorgeous bluebird day! It’s also a great time to try some new summer activities!

A few weekends ago, I had an amazing weekend on the water at Sunnyside Beach learning yoga on a SUP!

Stand Up Paddleboading (SUP) is becoming my new favourite thing to do! I’ve always been a water person…just something about the water and the outdoors that just makes me feel at peace.

photo courtesy of (I’m in the centre there. Please disregard my poor form)

This little company (Osha Paddle Boarding and Yoga) works out of Budapest Park in Toronto (just a little ways down from Sunnyside). Check them out! I had a great experience. I’m a total yoga noob, but the group was great, the instructor was great, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Is Your Handbag Affecting Your Health?

handbag In my office, I have been seeing an influx of women coming into the office complaining of neck, shoulder, back pain, and arm numbness. I go through my usual questions about activity, stress, trauma, etc, but in the back of my mind, I know the culprit – the excessively large handbag sitting on the floor next to them.

When I question them about their handbags, they often say, “oh it’s not that heavy” however when I lift it, it feels close to 7-10 lbs.
A brick of a wallet, extra clothes, water bottles, books, IPad, perhaps an umbrella, it’s no surprise that these bags are the source of many musculoskeletal health issues. Carrying a heavy bag, particularly on one shoulder can definitely affect movement.

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MacHANd Day (and a semi-soapbox moment)

On Thursdaymachand, November 29, 2012, a colleague and I attended the 5th Annual McMaster University Hand, Arm and Nerve Day.  I’ve been looking forward to this seminar/conference for a while as I love treating upper extremities. Conditions involving the upper extremity are always so interesting, complex, and/or varied and have great outcome measures. Nothing is more satisfying than to see an increase in shoulder range of movement after only a couple treatments.

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The Benefits of Walking [infographics]

Courtesy of

As an infant, all we wanted to do was right ourselves into a biped position and start walking. Why is it that as adults, we do our best to avoid it?

Here are two awesome infographics explaining all the great health benefits about walking. Just 30 minutes a day is all you need to make some incredible changes in your life.