Don’t be “THAT” guy.

annoyedThis weekend, I was taking a course. It was a very well run, very professional, very informative, and educational. The instructors were funny, had great practical stories, and really facilitated the learning process.

The only thing that marred the experience was “that” guy (well it was a female, but I digress).

“That” guy, is the person who believes he knows everything. He is always making comments, is always interrupting, showing off their assumed vast experience, and always putting his two cents into every conversation (usually  some personal experience or anecdote). He essentially WASTES EVERYONE’S TIME.

I am always looking to learn. I don’t care how old you are, what letters you have behind your name, or what profession you are. Everyone can teach me something. I will never know everything. But when I’m paying good money to take a course, I want to learn from the pros that are qualified to TEACH the course.

So to “that” guy – I respect your wealth of knowledge, but there is a time and a place. Be respectful of other people’s learning.  I cannot emphasize that enough. Comment when it is relevant, or when it adds to discussion. Opinions needs not to be shared and advice should not be given unless people ask for it.

Don’t make other people want to punch you in the throat.

Don’t be “THAT” guy.

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