Stress and the 90:10 Rule

Another amazing visual lecture from Dr. Mike Evans regarding what the most essential thing you can do for your stress.

Please take 11 minutes out of your day to watch and listen and then keep reading!.

Dr. Evans pretty much hits the nail on the head when he says the most important thing you can do for your stress is to CHANGE YOUR THINKING STYLE. The 90:10 rule is essentially that – 10 percent is what happens and 90 percent is how you respond. It’s important to keep things simple and take control of your stress. It’s often the details and focusing on the little things that often up our stress levels.

My strategy for managing stress is always thinking.. what’s the worst that can happen? Once I put the situation into perspective, I’m able to re-think and re-evaluate and the stressful situation doesn’t appear as bad anymore!

Stress is definitely a common and major challenge in every individual’s life, but with the proper tools and support, it can easily be managed. Consider chiropractic care as one of the tools to help manage your stress. Often stress can lead to muscle tension, headaches, and other joint aches and pains. A chiropractor can not only address these physical issues with treatment and recommending some relaxation exercises, but can also be a valuable person to vent some of your problems. If you don’t feel like talking, just consider the 30 minutes in the office time to just forget about your problems to focus on you!


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